Jack&Sam; "Light up.." ♥

19. června 2011 v 14:54 | Meredith |  S&J video
Jedno děsně smutný S/J video...


1 Lusaida Lusaida | 19. června 2011 v 15:09 | Reagovat

Ještě si myslím, že by tady měl být ten popis toho "příběhu" (je to v popisu) :
n the beginning of the video Sam is told by General Hammond that she is sick and doesn't have much time left to live. Sam gets a bit depressed and of course Jack feels the same way, but tries not to show it because he wants to be strong for Sam. Sam keeps going on missions to take her mind off things, but she has to go to the infirmary repeatedly to make sure she is strong enough for active duty.

Sam wants to make sure she doesn't die unhappy so she asks Jack to marry her and he agrees knowing that it will hurt him even more when she dies, but he does it for her.

As time passes Jack finds it harder and harder to talk to Sam or look at her because every time he does he's reminded that they don't have much time left together. But after a while he starts to think that there might be a cure for Sam's condition or maybe just some way that they can fix what's wrong with her. They have been through so much, so, to him, it just seems so unreal that something like a sickness would be the one thing that would cause one of them to fall.
But on one of their missions Sam collapses and has to be rushed to the hospital. Dr Frasier does everything she can, but Sam slips into a coma and somewhere along the way Jack realizes that this is the end, and Sam dies...

Nádherné video ♥ :-(

2 Perrine LILY Perrine LILY | E-mail | Web | 19. června 2011 v 19:33 | Reagovat

slza mi ukápla... A nejen jedna...

3 Apofísek Apofísek | Web | 19. června 2011 v 21:40 | Reagovat

wow překrásné video, až se mi sevřelo srdce

4 bjanca bjanca | Web | 20. června 2011 v 6:50 | Reagovat

Páni... :-(

5 Tess Marquez Tess Marquez | 20. června 2011 v 20:53 | Reagovat

Nádhera! Ještě ta slova .. ♥

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